because life happens

Just rub Ateevia on the affected area twice a day (morning and night). I felt relief within 30 minutes of applying the first time.

Packaways reusable boxes are made of heavy-duty corrugated plastic.

First thing that struck me was the scent; it was just so earthy.

This European-made product is non-toxic and utilizes original artwork designs to add fun as well as function to the kitchen or bathroom.

Thank you to Bethany for updating me on the “Do the Reuse Challenge” from Aladdin. It’s awesome to know we can all make a difference when it comes to saving the environment.

Could you give up disposable paper cups for 30 days? What about disposable water bottles? Or even disposable food containers? Oh, yes, that means you, brown bag. What about if you were challenged to give up all three?