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Once upon a time there was this boy and this girl. They met at a bowling alley when the boy, or was it the girl, well, when one of them put a stuffed toy snake around the other’s neck. They married. Soon after the boy had enlisted in the Air Force and was off to Vietnam. One year married and a son was born. The boy arrived home three years after the birth of their son and a year later they had a daughter.

Fast forward thirty some-odd years… the daughter grew up, and, uh, yes, that would be me.

I am told we are not defined by what we do but who we are.  Exactly who are we if not what we do or is that the whole point?  I am a mother of three, an unemployed bookkeeper, an aspiring writer, and a consummate dreamer. I looked it up and, yes, I used it correctly! Oh, did I not mention I love the English language and grammar is my friend?

This is my personal blog. Here you will find a little of this and a little of that sprinkled with a side of whatever. Honestly, I have no real direction for this site other than to share a little about how I see things in this great big world. I have no agenda. Hell, I cannot even figure out what I want to be when I grow up! So, grab a cup of something good and enjoy the journey.

Want to know more?  Check out my other sites.  I have even received some awards!

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really Anne, 13 MORE boxes of tissues! 😉


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