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Unusual Kitchen Gadget – Any Thoughts?

Last year my mom gave me a box of old utensils. Included was one item that is quite peculiar. None of knew what it what.

So, tonight, after spending several hours scouring all types of antique, vintage, and just plain old kitchen gadgets, I am still at a complete loss.

We brainstormed at dinner tonight and these are our thoughts:

  1. vegetable picker upper (for those pesky small veggies like peas and corn)
  2. spaghetti twirler
  3. meatball fork
  4. mustache curler {shrug}
  5. pie thingy (put in center of pie to mark where to slice)
  6. some sort of veggie or fruit corer

Do you know what this is/does?

It’s about 3 inches long with a handle like a screwdriver and what appears to be four blunt forks on the end. It appears to be a spinning/digging type of tool. There are no other markings.

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4 comments on “Unusual Kitchen Gadget – Any Thoughts?

I’m gonna ask my grandma later. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this in her utensil drawer before. I’ll get back to you when I do. It kinda looks like something you’d use to poke holes in pizza dough to keep it from getting bubbles.

@Eliza, Thanks, Eliza. I’ll have to do a search on the pizza dough angle.

What about for making that X in the center of a pie crust (the top crust). That is what it looks like to me. It would punch holes but not cut it completely.


Pretty sure this is a homemade tool for a stove, washer or heater. Pretty positive this was made in the 60s. Were you ever able to figure out what it was?

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