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Break Up Your Routine #OTBchallenge

Do something different today

Rachel of Shedding It & Getting It and Leah of Your Nutritionista have come up with a way to keep us all on our toes for the next 9 weeks with a little OTBchallenge!

To find the current week’s challenge just click on the week you want below:

Outside the Box Challenge

Starting Monday, March 1 and ending Saturday May 1, Rachel & Leah are going to give us a new “outside the box” task to complete.

[3/1] Week 1Frontier Girl [Guy] Test

The challenge: Make something from scratch that you would normally buy [and don’t make regularly].

This was so much fun to read and do! I found a bunch of great healthy recipes I just have to try now. And that’s saying a lot for a picky [and I mean don’t like eggs, beans, or most of the healthy foods picky] eater like me.

Check out my Sesame Wheat Bagels. Tell me these don’t look store bought. I dare ya. And they were quite tasty, too.

[3/8] Week 2The Core Fusion Shock Your Body Test

The challenge: Try a new workout. It can be a new machine at the gym, a new DVD, a class you’ve never tried before, or just a new and different way to do cardio or strength training. To make sure you really shock your body, it should be something you haven’t done for the past three months! [as taken from OTBC]

And to my surprise and delight the Core Fusion Collection is on sale right now at Amazon for $19.49. This was just over $32 the last time I looked. Oh, and with a free trial to Amazon Prime I’ll get this by Wednesday. Sweet!

pilates plusUpdate [3/10]: Hard Core! Core Fusion Pilates Plus is five 10 minute workouts that will kick your butt! I made it through the first 2 sessions before crying uncle. I watched the third and thought Oh My Goodness, they want me to do WHAT?!?!?! But I pilates and core work is right up my alley. I haven’t done the plank in a long time. In my best days I could hold it for a good 2 minutes; today I was so glad it was a short 30 seconds then child’s pose.

[3/15] Week 3The Culinista Test

chef2_100The challenge: prepare a meal ahead of time that you can get at least three meals out of (so the meal on day you make it, and then two more meals). [as taken from OTBC]

At first I was thinking this would be easy for me. I cook all the time and making a meal that will stretch, well, is not a stretch. But, I want to really challenge myself. So, I am going to make something that will transform itself into different meals stemming from its original self. Stay tuned…

Update [3/22] One Chicken, Three Meals [and counting]. It started with a baked chicken on Tuesday. One pot: whole chicken, potatoes, green peppers, & onions seasoned with black pepper, garlic, onion, & parsley. Thursday followed with a chicken stir fry. Using the leftover chicken from Tuesday, I tossed it in my wok with a little black pepper & sesame oil. Then I added carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, edamame, & bean sprouts + a dash of soy sauce. Lastly, I made an open-faced chicken sandwich with gravy for lunch on Friday.culinista chicken

[3/22] Week 4The Stonyfield Know Your Food Test

The challenge: Research one brand you often purchase, whether it’s meat, dairy, or even fruits and vegetables, to find out what the company’s growing practices are. Try to address the following questions as you play detective:

OTB Challenge #4

  • Are the company’s foodie philosophies and practices in line with your belief system?
  • Does the company make an effort to share that sort of info with its consumers?
  • Should you reevaluate supporting that company?
  • What makes a brand worth buying in the first place? [as taken from OTBC]

Update [3/28] I didn’t track down images, but that is mainly due to me not wanting to become a full-on vegetarian. I know first hand what it’s like to raise, care for, and then kill [we culled 7 of our roosters last summer] your food. It’s trying to say the least. So, I was pleased to hear that Perdue Farms cares about their chickens, too. Although they are not free-range, they are not densely packed in cages either. No hormones or antibiotics and well-trained staff, as well as, being a vertically integrated agribusiness keeps Perdue Farms in the loop every step of the way.

[3/29] Week 5The SPRI Fantasy Fitness Test

The challenge: This week’s challenge is a two-parter. OTBChallenge Week 5

  1. Create your ultimate fitness fantasy. Your dream workout. The exercise session of your wildest imagination. Where are you? What are you doing and with who? Do you have a trainer? Who is it? What time of day is it?
  2. Make it a reality. At least, partially. Try to incorporate ONE aspect of your fantasy workout into your workout reality this week, and then tell us about it. [as taken from OTBC]

Week5OTBC001Update [4/2] My ultimate fitness fantasy is quite simple. Lots of fresh fruits, veggies, nature, hiking, yoga, pilates, sweat, and the salt air of the ocean [the only thing I’m missing here in the mountains of Virginia]. This week I chose few words and let pictures do the talking for me. Go check out my fitness fantasy in pictures.

[4/5] Week 6The Note Your Nibbles Test

The challenge:

  • Week 6 OTBChallengeWrite down everything you eat and drink for an entire day or photograph everything you eat for an entire day.
  • Also make note of how you felt at the beginning of each meal and the end of each meal. Were you stressed? Happy? Sad? [as taken from OTBC]

Veggie Stir FryUpdate [4/11] Time is almost up and my nibbles have been noted. By comparison I definitely have much room for improvement. Overall, it was still a very healthy day considering I was gone from 9 am to about 5 pm with the kids [shopping, of course]. My favorite meal was my veggie stir fry. I had been wanting to try bok choy for a while now and finally did with this wonderful mix of fresh veggies. Mmm, veggies! Next thing I want to try is rainbow chard. It looks so pretty. I hope is tastes just as good, too!

[4/12] Week 7The Have A Little Herb Test

Picture 21The challenge: Bring a new herb into your life — one you haven’t enjoyed in the past three months at least. And let us know how it goes! What did you choose and why? How did you use it? What did you think? [as taken from OTBC]

Oh, and there are prizes to be won. Everyone likes a little extra incentive, right? This week there is the book The New Healing Herbs and an amazing prize pack from Amazing Grass! AND, if you have been participating since week 1 you are still in the running for the grand prize. I am sure this will be something phenomenally awesome!

Update [4/18] This was took a bit of time to find. I have been wanting to try a little savory for awhile now. I made a nice little pork roast with a lovely little savory rub. Mmm

[4/19] Week 8The Don’t Pour Some Sugar on Me Test

Picture 2The challenge: to go without added sweetener for a whole day. We’re defining added sweetener as any form of concentrated sweetener, natural or not (this means maple syrup, agave, and honey are all no-nos!). This also includes artificial sweetener. NOTE: this includes added sugar in those processed foods we love so much. [as taken from OTBC]

Now, to go play a little Def Leppard and rock out with my bad self! Oh, 1987, how I miss you and your hair bands. When girls were girls and you had to do a double take with the guys. ;)

Update [4/23] Do you have any idea how much sugar, sweetener, high fructose corn syrup is in the foods we eat? I have come to realize that most of what I eat must just be crap. According to those who have already completed this challenge it was easy. Easy? I found it damn near impossible to find no sugar, sweetener, whatnot in my regular foods, that is, unless I just ate all natural stuff. Not a bad change, I know. I sort of completed this challenge on Tuesday, but I really wanted to partake of the stuffed shells I made, so sugar was consumed. I managed to complete this challenge with little issue on Thursday. Guess it’s time to re-evaluate the foods in my home. How about you?

[4/26] Week 9The Reflections Test

The challenge: Which challenge was the hardest, which one was the easiest, and why. [as taken from OTBC]

What a nice way to end a 9 week challenge to your routine. It’s always good to look back on things, assess, and reflect on its impact on you. I’m going to think on this a bit, although I do know which was the hardest test. The easiest test will take a little more time to decide. Patience is a virtue. :)

Break up with your routine

I’m going to keep a link to this post in my sidebar and update as each weekly challenge is posted then share a link to how I completed each week’s challenge.

Want to join in? Just submit your photo, video, or post about how you completed each week’s challenge. And be sure to check out what everyone else is doing and get inspired!

Oh, and I ♥ comments! Why not leave me one below and tell me what you’re doing to break up [with] your routine. And let me just say THANK YOU in advance. :)

Disclaimer: I am a participant in the OTB Challenge only. No compensation was received for writing this post. All opinions are 100% my own. Amazon product links within this post. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.
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