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How to Add Your Google Reader Feeds as a Blogroll on Your Site

This cartoon is by Dave Walker.

This cartoon is by Dave Walker.

I’m sure this is nothing new for you techie bloggers out there, but for those who were unaware I am going to share my awesome discovery.

First, let me say I never would have thought to even look for this capability had it not been for Keith at Hot Blog Tips. He has a great post on how to add feeds to your Facebook fan page. And not wanting to stop there I had a dream. Really, I was half asleep and thinking about adding a feed to my blog.

There is just something so wrong with that.

I tested this out the other day and I was so pleased to find it worked! So much easier than adding each site link one by one. Oh, but where are my manners?

My mother always told my friends to help themselves. They would go hungry and thirsty if they were waiting for me to offer them anything. I’m still working on this. Beverage anyone?

First: Add blogs to Google Reader

This is E-A-S-Y, truly and really and honestly.

  1. Go to one of your favorite blogs. Wait, you’re already there? Why, thank you. {blushing}
  2. Click on [RSS feed button] which will take you to a new page.
  3. Click on Subscribe with Google and add this feed to your Google Reader.

If you don’t see an RSS feed button or other way to subscribe OR just want to make life simple and use Firefox, try this:

  1. Firefox Menu Bar – Go to Bookmarks
  2. Go to Subscribe to This Page
  3. Subscribe to “AnneOnLife RSS Feed” [& other awesome blogs]

Second: Organize your feeds by folder

  1. Go to the bottom left of your reader and click on Manage Subscriptions manage subscriptions
  2. A list of all of the feeds you follow will be listed. Go to the far right and click on Add to a Folder add to a folder
  3. If you have no folders created, then you can add a folder here. If you have folders created, then click on the folder you want your feed to show in. Do this for all of the feeds you follow.

choose a folder

Third: Add your feed as a blogroll to your site

  1. Click on Folders and Tags folders and tags
  2. Click on the RSS symbol to change your setting from private [like my writing folder] to public [like my P50 folder] public vs private
  3. To the right of your folder will be 4 links: view public page, email a link, add a clip to your site, add a blogroll to your site add a blogroll to your site
  4. Click on Add a Blogroll to Your Site
  5. A window will pop up [make sure your pop up blocker is off] that looks something like this: pop up
  6. Here you can change the title of your blogroll and color scheme [it will automatically preview for you].
  7. After you are satisfied with your settings highlight the code in the box provided [or click on Add to Blogger if you are not on WordPress]. Copy the code.
  8. I added a new page for my P50 blogroll, so in WordPress just click on add a new page, make sure you are in HTML editing mode, and paste the copied code.
  9. Click on preview to view your page as others would see it. Check out my Power 50 friends blogroll to see how it should look.

You Did It!

Now you can add to your reader, then transfer all those great feeds and start creating your blogrolls easily and effectively. Oh, and if you add or remove feeds from a folder your blogroll will automatically update to show the change.

That’s what I call a little slice of AWESOME!

I ♥ comments!

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