Let Me Tell You What I Think. Can You Smell The Smoke?

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What I love most about the internet


Sure, I bet you think every day. Maybe I should be a bit more clear.

Deep Thoughts

Okay, maybe not those kinds of deep thoughts.

Yet, after reading Mitch’s post on It Takes Guts to Have an Opinion [and voice it] and Lisis’ post on Mommy Wars, the Opt-Out Revolution, and the Right to Choose I gave pause.

When it comes down to it you have to be true to yourself

I enjoy the thought provoking simplicity of Lisis’ blog Quest for Balance. Maybe it’s because we are close in age or have had some life experiences that have forever changed us. It could simply be we both want more balance in our lives and realize the value in striving for this.

It is worth it!

Information overloads us online. If you’re serious about making money with your blog, with your brand, with your networking skills then you need to be online – a lot! I hear it. I get it.

Is it worth it?

You will get out of it what you put into it.

If this is what you want, then it is worth it. Simple.

My kids are offline, mostly.

We Skyped dinner again the other night. Megan ate peanut butter with a spoon. The rest of us had lemon-pepper chicken with stuffing, seasoned noodles, and steamed fresh broccoli. There is a post in there somewhere, I think.

I want to be offline, too.

I tend to want to live in the offline world. An island in The Keys perhaps. Ah, some day. Some day I want to live just south of Marathon. Close enough to civilization, far enough away to just be. Nothing fancy and I already have the john boat. I just have to remove the canopy that has collapsed atop of it.

I have an opinion

And I wonder if it even matters.

I suppose it depends on what the opinion is and how I present it. Mitch does a great job of this on his blog I’m Just Sharing. An idea, thought, opinion is best received when it is presented in a respectful manner.

It holds more weight.

And if you never give your opinion, then how will others know where you stand? How do you build trust if you never trust others? Yes, offering an opinion is about trusting that others will respect your opinion.

We all have them. They will differ.

If they don’t respect them [or me yours] then we should know that sooner rather than later, don’t you think?

Here goes…

  • All the political bickering is asinine. The Tea Partyers are just as bad and exclusive as what they say they are against. Hypocrites, all of them!
  • We’re all a bit too sensitive. We’re too busy being offended, running our mouths, and crying foul. No one listens anymore.
  • The news is an oxymoron.
  • If I can cook a baked chicken anyone can. Really, I was once told I can’t cook, but it was okay. See, it wasn’t my fault. My mother didn’t teach me my proper role as a woman. Yeah, that didn’t make an impression. 😉 But seriously, stop buying prepackaged crap and calling it dinner. 1 1/2 hours and you have a good dinner. Oh, and eat with your kids – teenagers are kids, too. Build those relationships.
  • Parenting doesn’t stop, ever. Stop thinking you have to be your child’s friend. Your children have many friends; they only have two parents. Don’t deprive them for your own selfish wants.
  • Everyone should try all kinds of ice cream flavors. Vanilla is great, but Mint Chocolate Chip is pretty tasty too. Oh, and there is cookie dough and heavenly hash and …
  • Don’t force your views on others. Just because it works for you does not mean it works for everyone. Respect for others, respect for self.

Did it matter?

They’re only opinions after all. It’s how I feel.

I won’t not like you if you disagree. You’re entitled to your opinions, too.

But I have to be true to me and true to you.

What do you think?

Have an opinion? deep thought? random nothingness? Why not share it with a comment.

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0 Responses to Let Me Tell You What I Think. Can You Smell The Smoke?

  1. Well my opinion is, you have good opinions.

    Specially’ bout them teabaggers. You know what is weird? The teabaggers complain about rising taxes, right?… but.. in actuality, taxes have decreased since Obama has been in office, that is a fact. And for them to have protests against raising taxes.. and adopting the name of a famous tax protest in history… you’d think they’d know a little something about what is going on with their taxes! *facepalm*
    .-= Kaja shares some words of wisdom ..Jack Cafferty Doesn’t Care What You Think =-.

    • @Kaja, I don’t get those tea party people. At first I thought they were a bunch of no-mind hillbillies, but now they come across more as a bunch of wannabe politicians. Fancy gatherings where the average person cannot attend is nothing new. What do they really stand for ??? Seems everyone is busy pointing fingers and saying what they don’t like and what won’t work, but nobody wants to say how to fix it, what will work, take some responsibility. {sigh}

    • @Mitch, It’s tough work being a parent, but kids need their parents. Not sure why parents feel they need to be “friends” with their children in order to have a relationship.

      Sometimes I truly believe men are more sensitive than women. I think it’s years of repressed feeling bubbling up to the surface. 😉

  2. I LOVE THIS! I super-duper adore Jack Handy, and every time I see “Deep Thought” I am reminded of the computer on Hitchhiker’s Guide… which I love. So, before even stating your opinions, you already had my vote! 🙂

    Having said that, and as you’d probably expect, I totally agree with your opinions. Ben & Jerry’s goes a long way in helping with the ice cream thing, since they stray all over the spectrum of crazy flavors.

    • @Lisis, Ben & Jerry’s has this awesome coconut something ice cream that I want to buy a whole pint of one day. Mmmm 🙂

      SNL had some good stuff back in the day. Jack Handy is just funny. And I definitely need to re-watch Hitchhiker’s Guide [and read it, too]. It’s been way too long.

    • @Mitch, We’re told to keep things under control which can lead to aggressive behavior when we’re pushed. I was thinking more of men not being allowed to cry and show that type of emotion. It’s not so bad now, but for years it was highly frowned upon. See, women weren’t the only ones being repressed.

  3. I think that it’s good to have opinions and to voice them but one should never force their opinion on someone else. Also just because you don’t believe in someones opinion doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to mean you got to try an change them either, isn’t that why some wars have come about?
    .-= Sire shares some words of wisdom ..Where Do You Stand On Climate Change =-.

    • @Sire, I would think that is why many wars come about. If we could learn to accept that others think, feel, and believe differently we could all get along much better. Of course there are some things people believe that the majority find unacceptable [crimes, etc.] therefore leaving some areas less than ideal. Unfortunately, as strongly as we may feel about someone harming another is exactly how some feel about their religious or other views. And I only mention religion as it seems to be a major point of contention when it comes to war related disagreements.

      I am a big believer in do as ye will as long as it harms no one.

        • @Sire, Oh, Sire. I have thought long and hard on this. As much as I agree with you, I have to argue that it is just your opinion and those who believe in their faith so strongly may feel differently. They are wrong to you and me, but to them they are not. It truly is a catch-22 of sorts. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t and in the end it’s an individual decision of right and wrong.

          A great example is the harming or killing of abortion doctors. People feel justified for these doctors are “killing”, but yet they kill too. Makes no sense to me. But to them, it is just and right. I just don’t get how killing is wrong in one sense and right in another. Like capital punishment. Not saying I’m against any of it, but I do question all of it. Guess you can say I’m still forming my opinion of it all.

    • @Rose, We never stop worrying and we never stop being parents. We can develop and grow our relationships to new levels of parenting, but we are still parents. A lifelong commitment. 🙂

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