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IP Address Changes

sad macI love it when internet providers make changes and wait for you to uncover the problem. Thankfully I was not needing the use of my internet service. Wanting it, yes; needing it, no.

After an afternoon of no internet followed by an early morning rousting [thanks, Dwayne, I just love waking up before 6 a.m.] I finally called to inquire on the issue. Turns out my static IP had changed along with my secondary server. And all was well for a little while…

DSL connecting…

This time I didn’t wait. I called and hung up since it fixed itself. Uh, not really. I called back. I’m told the static on the line is causing my DSL connection to waver. I need to call voice support. Oh, and do I have line guard? Um, I have online billing so I can’t check on that.

Why do they always ask about line guard anyway? Many of you may swear by it, but I am 99.9% sure I do not have this. It’s only necessary if the problem is inside the building. Everything else is covered, period. I’ve yet to have it be an issue inside the building.

Head colds, how fun

sickAgain, a big thank you to Dwayne for this lovely head cold I’ve been nursing over the weekend. I never get sick so I should be grateful it’s only a little discomfort. Maybe I just needed some sleep. I boycotted cooking this weekend [there were plenty of leftovers and other quick fixes] and rested instead.

Needless to say I have been neglecting my blog rounds. Today I’m taking it slow and will be back full tilt tomorrow. I even told Amanda to take the Jeep since I have no plans to leave the house. She didn’t argue with me. Actually, she didn’t even say, “Thanks mom”. Kids! :)

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