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2010 Wish List ~ Non-Resolution Style

I tend to not make New Year’s resolutions. I have watched way too many people say they will do this and that only to give up almost as quickly as they made the statement.

Several years back Dwayne decided it was time we stopped smoking. I won’t say one of us was more addicted than the other, but one of us definitely smoked far more than the other {cough – him}. I honestly cannot remember the exact day. Hell, I can’t even remember the year anymore, but we did stop sometime in the first two weeks of January. He finished his last pack and I had half a pack left. He decided he would help me finish mine. Nice guy! ;)

Get Your Tickets Here! Dwayne vs. Anne in the Knock Down Drag Out Fight of the Decade!

Yeah, it was that bad. We were lucky we didn’t kill each other that first week. I want to say it was about five years ago ~ approximately. We didn’t put on a ton of weight either. So, for those of you using that as your excuse to not stop smoking, you are lame! It is only an excuse. In fact, I tend to lose weight since I don’t want that full feeling that always seemed to trigger a craving.

Then there was the year I lost 30 pounds in about 4 months. I just decided it was time to take advantage of all of those great aerobics classes where I was working. I started in February and kept it up until losing my job that November. I went from a size 8 pushing a 10 to a size 3 pushing a 2 ~ yeah, it was like that! Of course, once I stopped working out I put the weight back on. Not all of it, just most of it.

2010 The Year of the Micro Changes

This new year I am not making resolutions, per se. I am making small adjustments. A little something I will refer to as my wish list ~ as in I wish I would get off my butt and do these things!

~ this is in no particular order ~

  • Eat more fruit ~ at least 5 times a week
  • Limit my soda intake [this has gotten out of hand lately] ~ no more than 2 per week
  • Exercise ~ at least 3 times per week, 20 minutes each time [to build upon]
  • Edit my NaNo novel ~ spend at least 2 hours per week [hopefully more, but trying to set doable goals]
  • Post to one of my blogs at least once per day [I have 3, so this shouldn’t be too terribly hard]

My biggest ‘wish list’ goal is to make a schedule so I can accomplish all of my goals without feeling like I have no time. I do have time, but I am all over the place. So I need to learn focus and time management. Therefore my first ‘to do’ will be to make a tentative schedule of each day and work on keeping that for a month, then two months, then three, and so on and so forth.

I have more goals to set with regards to meal plans [so I’m not scrambling on what to make for dinner] and money and blogging and other writing, but these are the ones I have mapped out thus far. Besides, I want to be realistic here and not throw out some over the top desire of mine.

Each of my goals above make not happen right away, but bit by bit I want these things implemented in my daily life throughout the year. Each month I will add one or two and work on getting to where I ultimately wish to be. Thanks to Rachel from Shedding It & Getting It for her inspiring thoughts on making better resolutions. And who knows, maybe there will even be a marathon [or halfsie] in my future!

What are your resolutions or wish list goals for 2010?

And how do you plan to obtain them? Do you plan to  volunteer more? For who? Do you need to lost a few pounds? Through exercise, eating habits, or a little of both? What about income and job prospects? Are you a writer? Do you plan to start work on your first book? Or will you write more poetry? What about short stories? There is so much more and only you can tell me what changes are on your to do list for 2010.

Here’s to a Healthy, Prosperous, and

Happy New Year!!!

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