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And Now For A Little NaNoWriMo Inspiration


For everyone struggling through NaNoWriMo

I bought Janet Evanovich’s book How I Write a few months back. I picked it up last night to peruse and found this very NaNo appropriate quote:

Don’t fall into the trap of rewriting chapter one until it’s perfect. And don’t discard everything you write halfway through because you’re sure it sucks. Writing stuff that sucks is part of the learning process!

– Janet Evanovich, How I Write

See, we all write crap. We are supposed to write crap. I feel so much better. I really am a writer! Who’d a thought?! ;)

And now a poem written just for you, from Moi

May your words always find you
May your writing be swift
May your characters be lively
And with a little bit of kick

May your fingers be nimble
As you type night and day
May your story be wondrous
Carrying your readers away

May your thesaurus prove true
With words fantastic to read
May your dictionary prevail
Providing words that you need

May you sit back and relax
When December 1 rolls around
Accomplished and rewarded
Your 50,000 words written down

And when it’s all over
A joyous smile will creep
You did it, you won
Now it’s time to sleep!

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